If you are an approved adopter with one of the South London Adoption Consortium training you are welcome on any of the workshops listed below - subject to agency decisions. If you are an adopter from another consortium please contact the Co-ordinator here.

If you wish to attend one of the following workshops: Open to all SLAPC members. Please send an email stating your approving agency to elaine.brady@bromley.gov.uk with your telephone number and the local authority you live in.

Workshop title

Short description


Explaining workshop

Explaining the journey into adoption

Life History Work


Playful approaches to positive parenting

Using play therapy, Theraplay@ and other resources to communicate better with your child.


Social Media

Group discussion about the risks and influence of current Social Media sites.


Contact workshop

Managing contact and issues related to the  internet


Exploring therapeutic resources to support families.

With the introduction of ASF, therapeutic resources are on the increase. Looking at the resources available with the help of the fund.


Helping children and young people to manage transitions

Looking at transitions from going on holiday to moving to a new school.  Transition and the way that they trigger experiences from the past are explored.  


“What about us? The parent perspective”.


Group exploration of the challenges of maintaining adult time with the pressure of caring for children and young people.


Parenting teenagers

The challenges of adolescence and the connection to identity and trauma.


Exploring difficult conversations

When the child’s history is sensitive and complex we will explore methods to use to uncover past traumatic histories.


The changing landscape of contact as the child reaches adolescence.

Thinking about how to change thinking about the purpose of contact as the child reaches teenage years. 


Coram.png   Early Permanence training for 2018

If you are an approved adopter and you wish to do the extra training to become an Early Permanence carer please ask your social worker if you can attend the training with Coram.

You CANNOT book yourself on. You must ask your social worker.

  • Wednesdays 24th and 31st Jan
  • Fridays 2nd and 9th March
  • Thursdays 12th and 19th April
  • Thursdays 17th and 24th May
  • Thursdays 5th and 12th July
  • Thursday 30th August and 6th Sep
  • Thursday 11th and 18th October
  • Thursday 29th Nov and 6th Dec

Please ask your worker to contact:
Direct Line: 020 7520 2031 Mobile: 07983 500917

Southwark Saturday Workshop Programme for 2017.


16 December 2017, Moving into placement – Camberwell Library Room 3 


Download the flyer here.  If you are interested in booking a place on any of these courses please email

Sally.voong@southwark.gov.uk  and mention which agency you are with.


  • Adopters & Special Guardians Support Group (see this flyer for more details)
  • Therapeutic Parenting Group - Oct 2017 (for more details, contact Tracey Ogleton on: 020 8871 6418)
  • Drama & Music Group for Adopted young people - dates to be confirmed (for more details, contact Tracey Ogleton on: 020 8871 6418)

Did you know?

If you are a SLAC adopter you may be entitled to free on line training with Kate Cairns Associates. (Go to their website).

Read the review below and sign up via your agency to one of these on line courses:

"We completed the Attachment and Brain Development online course from KCA. It was easy to log in and access, and the materials are well written and easy to follow. We have read various books and articles about attachment theory and early development of a child's brain, plus the training received from Bromley, as part of the process to become approved adopters."

"The concepts of this online course were not new to us, but it was very good to get a different perspective and also to refresh our knowledge and thoughts on the topic. Some of the practical exercises were aimed more at professionals working with children, but it was still interesting to read about the things to observe in the behaviours/interactions between parents and children and to link these to the theory behind them."

"We do find ourselves looking out for these things as we are out and about now! We would definitely recommend this course to other adopters and are looking forward to trying some of the other online courses that are available."


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